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Highlighting: Members Title LLC

It’s been our pleasure to re-introduce ourselves to the PenFed Berkshire Hathaway community in 2022. Our new team continues to look forward to serving you and your clients however possible. It’s our commitment to service we believe will set us apart. As such, we wanted to take the opportunity to breakdown some of the improvements and additions we’ve made this year.

The biggest change we have made is our locational ability. We have secured a contract with Lucid Private Offices where we can now close in more than TWENTY-FIVE locations in DFW. We will close in a private conference room with a cappuccino bar and an impressive view, if you need it. Our goal is an escrow officer at your closing, period. Another important addition is we have introduced HOA fee and other item PREPAY, along with the use of ZOCCAM into our closing process. The ability to streamline the home buying process for your clients matters to us.

Members Title also re-launched our website. Visit us at where you can find our service breakdown, rate calculator, monthly BLOG post, and more. We look forward to demonstrating our flexibility to match the market, and your client’s needs. Your trusted resource for results. The expertise and resources to navigate ANY transaction.

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