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Highlighting: Members Title

As we head into summer, Members Title is creating new ways to demonstrate value for our partners. Marketing yourself, these days, is about the stories you tell your potential audience, and how you tell them. We have created a lane for you to tell these stores; Members Title Presents.

Members Title Presents is a series of scripted, curated videos created to provide content for you, our partner. The Level Up video series is a scripted interview show designed to be cut into smaller clips that can be shared on all social media platforms (including ours). The full interview is also uploaded onto our website so it’s widely available. The Good Life video series is a curated video series designed to highlight open houses (with a little remix on it).

We certainly understand the trepidation involved in stepping into the light, like this. However, our response will continue to be, it’s about connection, not perfection. Let’s get started telling your story.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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