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What do I need to bring to signing?

Bring a valid government issued picture ID such as a Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID. Additionally, if you are bringing money to the signing these funds will need to be “certified funds.” Certified funds can come in the form of a cashier’s check or may be wired to our account prior to closing.

Who in the process decides which escrow and/or title company will handle my closing?

It is your choice as an owner refinancing a property; if you are purchasing a property, custom varies by county and may be negotiated as part of the purchase contract.

Why do I need Title Insurance?

To protect your most important investment: your home.

Lender’s title insurance will be required by the mortgage lender providing funds for your purchase. Owner’s title insurance is purchased at settlement for an additional one-time charge which is computed based upon the purchase price of the property. Owner’s title insurance protects the homebuyer against hidden defects in title.

Where can I close? 

We offer many options for closing locations. Our home office is in Flower Mound but we have 15+ locations in DFW and San Antonio to close at. We also offer mobile notary options for those who need to have other options. We can meet your needs, whatever they might be.

How do I get paid? 

We can wire your proceeds or send a check however you prefer to get your funds. 

Who will do the closing? 

It depends.  If it is within the DFW area our escrow officers will go to you or you can come to one of our offices.  Outside of the DFW area we have a licensed, bonded mobile notary service that we rely on to make sure our closings go smoothly.  

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